Phew! Finally done with this big project!

Guys, our fandom is pretty great: very gifted, very creative. I believe that it was in October of 2012 that tumblr user netbug009 created “Nomi-tan,” the first human!Nomicon that set off the craze.Since then, myself and many others have created our own interpretations of everyone’s favorite book.

The great thing about the Ninjanomicon is that we get glimpses of its personality, beliefs, and reasoning, but just like Randy we are still left to wonder what it all means. Each fan holds a different Nomicon in their hearts, and that shows in the designs and stories that we have given our personal Ninja mentors. The many aspects of the Nomicon really shine through as I look through these designs!

Thanks, everyone, for loving Randy Cunningham and the Ninjanomicon as much as me! I hope to see more as the series and this fandom progresses!

There were 20 designs that I picked out, or that were submitted to me, so bear with me as I give you links to the original post for each one (one has been deleted since I first found them so I will have to provide a link to a reblog, I do apologize). 

terepeta sarispy56 givemeducks jamjumpingjambore emmagineif starfoxadventures masterofdoodlez ghost-cookies eyugho the-game-spirit ziki-zai squigglegigs foxyelie netbug009 notnights raifiel weinerman-tested randomdraggon chibizodo