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Here's your happy one: Raifiel woke up. She had been having strange dreams lately. Next to her was a glowing, black and red book and mask.

And then she married it and lived happily ever after, yeah boyeee!

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''Your nickname is interesting, I have a cool interpretation of it'' she said, ''Haha really? How's it?'' she asked and he said ''Raifiel... Do you know the meaning of ''fiel'' in Spanish? It means loyal, as you are.'' -raiFIEL. (I tried haha)


A message from mischiefeevee

Here you go: New girl, Raifiel, is dating Randy. Howard and the Ninjanomicon must team up to get their beloved Randy back. Meanwhile, the Sorcerer and McFist host a Stank Fashion Week.


Can I date the Nomicon instead???

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gonna do all wish me luck

What do you call a psychonaut’s propensity for learning psychic skills?


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I really love what you just wrote about Ben 10, you had some really good and interesting points.

Haha yeah, but I think they would have been more in character for the show in AF/UA. I really like that omniverse faces serious situations without making it TOO serious, you know? My mind is always like, “Hmm that was cute, but how could we make it horrible??” And so with the more serious series my mind was like “This is dark, but how can I MAKE IT EVEN DARKER!” 

But on a less non sequitor note, I like the idea that Ben knows that he is a symbol more than a boy. He’s so upbeat and flippant and people chalk it up to him just being a kid who has let fame go to his head (and let’s be honest, this may honestly be how we are supposed to view Ben, I don’t know, I don’t work on the show), but that’s because Ben is a kid. A kid who is regularly faced with the monsterous villains of the universe attempting to kill him, or his loved ones, or the planet he lives on. And even with all the help he receives, at the end of the day people look to him, “You’re the wielder of the omnitrix, you make the call.” 

So Ben acts just like people expect him to act: confident, unflappable. Even to the people he actually trusts. 

It’s actually really cute that Ben can look at a situation and decide the course of action that is best for the people around him, rather than what’s best for him. Like Kevin was actually probably pretty worried about how this whole “pretending to kill you thing” would roll over with Gwen and Ben, and Ben, who’s seen plenty of Kevin’s fears and vulnerabilities, didn’t give him a moment of flak, just payed it cool and supportive (probably in part due to the fact that Kev was still kinda on the tail end of the crazy train).

Haha in other words, thanks for giving me an excuse to blather about Ben 10 some more.

Wow, pretty hyped about “weapon XI”s end. Like, first of all it is pretty clear that Kevin is yes a little crazier now than he was before (“DO YOU MIND?!!”). Second, my headcanon that Kev is Tennyson-sexual is going strong. So strong. It will never die. You can’t fight me on this.

Thirdly, when they went into this arc I just kept thinking about the one-time canon nugget that Ben has a photographic memory (I figure this is why he has a hard time with spoken information: he is so completely a visual learner that he has a hard time focusing on people’s words and such, but that’s off topic). 

But I’ve been thinking about it and if Ben visually remembers everything he sees in perfect detail, then he must have some boss as hell coping mechanisms for all the times people, specifically Kevin, have tried to kill him. Like, Kevin has been trying to kill Ben, on and off, for years now, but the thing about it is that all of those times he didn’t look or act like Kevin. He had absorbed this or that or the other thing and just kind of looked like, well, a monster. So it was really easy for Ben to dissociate the image of those crazy Kevins from his best friend (and if we consider all shows continuous, then UA Ben was running out of his ability to deal with the idea of Kevin wanting to hurt him and others and just wanted it to stop and that’s really sad in its own right). 

But with this latest run, act or not, for a part of that it was his best friend Kevin spouting all of those poisonous words and trying to cut him in half or rip him apart. Ben’s coping mechanisms are really good, like wow give me half of your ability to shrug stuff off, please, but all the same I would think that this incident would set off little bits of trauma for him. Nothing obvious, just more dreams about Kevin trying to kill him, or of them as kids and the psychotic fights they had. Or maybe Ben just is subconsciously a little more tense or observant of Kevin, just to reassure himself that it was all just another of Kevin’s scams.

And the rest of this is more… barebones fic than headcanon so under the cut it goes!

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I’m upset they didn’t let me keep the teeth



Today I get my wisdom teeth removed by the means of surgery.

You’ll be fine, girl